“We knew Lady died and they wanted to re home her. My mum persuaded them to let us adopt her.” [x]

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filling out a job application

“are you available for a Skype interview?”




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“I was a little girl with a pot belly and afro puffs, hyperactive and over dramatic. And I found the theatre, and I found my home, and I found a place to express myself. And I was so grateful, even at the age of nine. And to think, the theatre would be so good to me is mind blowing.”

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I want more queer friendship stories.  Not just stories where the only two queer people find each other and fall in unhealthy codependent love in a sea of cishets.  Give me whole communities of queer people.  Give me queer best friends gushing to each other about their silly crushes.  Give me younger queers going to older queers for advice and guidance, without getting creeped on.  Give me queer friends cuddling and watching tv together, or baking cookies together, or a big group of diverse queer people fighting about where to go out to eat because everyone has a different favorite place, but ultimately they decide to go to everyone’s favorite place at least once and just flip a coin or something to decide who’s turn it is to pick.  Give me queer friends from different cultures bonding over sharing their cultural differences.  Give me queer people starting college or moving for a new job and learning how to be a part of a new community full of other queer people.

Romance is nice and all, and queer romance needs more representation.  But friendship is every bit as important, and more important to some people.  I don’t want to hear stories where I have to hope I find that one other queer person to be happy with and then shut out the rest of the world.  I want community.


the most aggravating fans are the ones that become huge fans of a villainous character but just can’t handle the fact that the villainous character does villainous things and instead said fans invent a million assbackwards headcanons about how the villain is TOTALLY not a villain at all and is some tragic blob where nothing is their fault even up to and including murder and genocide

i am just so baffled by this


repeat after me everyone: respecting the basic human dignity of oppressed people is more important than having a philosophical discussion about how anger is supposedly the same thing as hatred and how much better the world would be if we were all just nice to each other!!!!!!

because “don’t fight hate with hate” only means so much when you shout it in the faces of the oppressed, but barely whisper it in the direction of the oppressors

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I shall fail of finding a place in your
 heart and affection, which last point
 has prevented me for some time past
 from calling you my mistress; be-
 cause, if you only love me with an
 ordinary love, that name is not suit-
 able for you, because it denotes a sin-
 gular love, which is far from com-
 mon. But if you please to do the office
 of a true loyal mistress and friend, and
 to give up yourself body and heart to
 me, who will be, and have been, your
 most loyal servant.Written by the hand
 of him who would willingly remain
 yours, H. R.



hey i know i have a fraught and passive-aggressive relationship with time magazine but please take like a minute out of your day to vote for laverne  cox to be in this year’s time 100 list of the 100 most influential people in the world this year

shit yeah boost this to hell


Why do they talk like this

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BIG PHOTOSETS FOREVER FOR THEY ARE MUCH HARDER TO IGNORE / a lot of these don’t have hi-res versions available, but i still want to post them

This was not an exaggeration. The government ignored the issue of HIV/AIDS for years before anything was done. Gay and Queer communities had to form their own clinics because no government agencies cared for them. Back then, being diagnosed was equivalent to a death sentence or extreme debt and poor quality of life/a significantly shortened lifespan.

Things got so desperate that people literally had “Die-Ins”— in contemporary usage this refers to masses of people simulating death in order to protest something (like the War in Iraq). In this case, however, fatally sick people would literally lie down in public places and protest with what little energy they had left until they died. There is some footage of a church Die-In in the documentary Beyond Stonewall.  The middle image here of that person’s jacket is not an extreme political statement; it’s what people had to do because they had no other options.

queer politics aren’t all hrc t-shirts and shiny lobbying. So many people have already forgotten this extremely recent history.

Here’s a very important documentary that’ll inform you about the crisis and the extent to which people had to suffer.


I think I want Margaery and Brienne to be BFFs.





thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?